Medic (Code Name: Doc)

The new for 1983 Joes are one of the most cohesive looking assortments in all the Real American Hero year’s. With sleek sculpts, an overall drab color scheme, and a wonderfully diverse group of specialties, Hasbro cemented what the previous year established, at least in this kid’s mind. It was the year that hooked me and pulled my toy-collecting heart away from Star Wars.

Doc came to me via a Christmas 1983 Sears three-pack along with Airborne and Gung Ho. That was a magical GI Joe Christmas for me, as it also netted me the other three-pack along with the Cobra Missile Command Headquarters, GI Joe Headquarters and Skystriker. I used to put Doc in the co-pilot seat of the jet quite a lot for some reason, until my mail-in Duke figure showed up. Doc was a great figure and a medic is always necessary in Battle, from the days of green army men to 2-1B.

My favorite Sunbow Doc moment occurred in the Revenge of Cobra mini-series. During the testing of the energy mirrors, Blowtorch asks Doc if he’s sure about blasting his flamethrower at the him, to which he famously replies, “Don’t worry, I’m wearing my asbestos underwear.” While these days it would seem to be a particularly macabre joke, remember that asbestos use wasn’t phased out until the late 1980s.


  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    GI Joe pacifist medics do like their handguns, don’t they?

  • Can’t find any flaws with Doc, other than his stretcher handles being prone to breakage, what with 35+ year old plastic.

  • No flaws with this figure. Hes the perfect example of what made GI JOE awesome. They took a guy with tylenol on his helmet, and made him cool. and a bazooka. Ok fine it was a flare launcher but no kid new that back in the day!
    And the stretcher worked with the dragonfly! cross toy play!

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    Those pacificists Joes really do love their handguns. Wonder how it got stated they were pacifists but ended up with side arms….

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