If I could sum up my thoughts on many of the store exclusive figures produced during the 25th anniversary series in one word, it would be “passable”. Though Cutter isn’t a hugely demanded fan favorite, his place as the pilot of the WHALE I think places him higher in my consciousness of well remembered figures than his look would suggest. After all, he was just a guy with a Red Sox ball cap wearing bell bottoms and a life vest.

Coming as part of a Toys R Us naval themed three pack that also included a pretty poor imitation of Deep Six, Cutter’s name is an imitation as well. When Hasbro loses the rights to names, they at least sometimes employ creative means to get around the fact, like titles or proper names. Cutter became GI Joe Cutter. Not preferable, but it works. I do wonder however why others like Shockwave/Shockblast get changed completely, while some just add a title. I should probably stop thinking about these things.

At its most basic, Cutter (excuse me, GI Joe Cutter) is mostly a repaint of a comic pack Shipwreck. I like the removable life vest, and it is more fitting for Cutter, since his original figure had one. His original however didn’t have an obvious marine cap, but a baseball cap. A make-do substitute common to the time. The head really does bug me, as it brings up memories of the horror that was the 25th anniversary Gung Ho. Ugh,


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