Firefly Camo Storm Shadow (2018 Black Major)

What happens when you mash up two of the coolest 1984 Cobra figures? Oh just the most epic Black Major Storm Shadow figure yet. I’ve said before that I’d buy any variation of the original Stormy mold, and so far I’ve held true to that statement. I’m generally a fan of repainted figures, and the Black Major offerings are just too hard to pass up.

This new version comes closer in paint deco to Firefly’s getup than any previous urban camo decorated Storm Shadow. There’s a white/grey/black combo from a couple years back that’s very interesting, but I prefer this simpler approach. All these different flavors of ninja put me in the mind of the myriad Godfrey Ho films of the 80s. It’s as close as I think we’ll her to the Ninja Terminator homage I’ve been waiting for. It also fits nicely with last year’s Mayhem Trooper.

The Major also has a new Python Patrol ninja available that’s a real head turner. Look for it here soon. It’s a beaut.


  • I didn’t pick up this one. But, I have a Python Patrol version coming. It does look nifty. I may reconsider on this version…assuming he’s still available.

  • Elbows still look funny. No alternate MK ninja head. These things are interesting but never the $15 or more interesting to me.

  • The Black Major Storm Shadow head always looks wrong to me, like it’s warped somehow. I wish he’d fix it!

  • Why are the rivets backwards on the Black Major figures?

    • he does that to help distinguish the differance between his customs and actual ARAH vintage figures so that way way you can tell the differance when some of his figures are painted in the samr colors as the orginals….of course its easy to tell the difference when he paints them different but for example the white storm shadow or black and yellow bats its easy to tell by the rivits

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