Dino Hunters Ambush (1993)

I just can’t decide which Dino Hunter figure is cooler–Low-Light or Ambush. I have an automatic preference for Low-Light, since he’s a childhood favorite character, and Ambush wasn’t released until after I was out of playing with Joes. However, Ambush is a unique-looking dude, and I absolutely love his accessories. The only problem with the DH version though is that he doesn’t come with most of them. Bummer. But look at that uniform! It’s Jurassic Park via Playmates Ninja Turtles. So nineties!

Ambush didn’t get his own original rifle, but rather came with a bevy of weapons, from bladed to handguns and rifles. At least his helmet was included, without which he just wouldn’t have seemed complete. I don’t know if an other helmet would correctly fit his head anyway. Speaking of the head, his unique look is another of the reasons I really like the figure despite not having much previous exposure to it. He’s very much a throwback to the 19th century in his appearance, and I think the classic big game hunter look comes through as well. It’s fitting then that he was made a member of the dino hunting crew.


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