Cutter was one of those rare “driver” characters that later became a single card release. He joined up with the Drug Elimination Force in 1992, in a move that actually made a lot of sense. His function as a sea operations specialist with the sub-group fit well within the premise of the DEF, since one can easily imagine smugglers running contraband along US coastlines. Included again as a driver the next year, Cutter piloted the elaborately designed and action feature laden Shark 9000.

Like the DEF figure, it looks as if Cutter has been hitting the weight room since his first appearance in the 80′s. Those bare arms must get cold patrolling northern waters. Maybe I’ll swap them out for some long sleeves for a different look. I’d also like to swap parts with this version and the single carded Cutter, to give him an orange life vest with black details. I am quite fond of the later brightly hued GI Joes, but I’m not big on the yellow highlights in this case. Wait, why am I suddenly talking customizing?

Parts swapping aside, I like to think of this as Cutter in his away uniform, what with the lighter colored pants. Hey, a baseball analogy isn’t totally inappropriate, since the guy is almost always wearing a ballcap. This time however he’s not showing allegiance to any particular team. It was the politically correct 90′s after all, and one wouldn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

One of my favorite aspects of the later series file cards was the inclusion of call-outs that helpfully described the figure’s weapons and gear, including clothing. Cutter is wearing something I never thought I’d hear of: a bullet-proof life vest. I need to Google that and see it if exists. If so, I want one. Some of the lakes around these parts can get pretty rough around Memorial Day weekend. I’ve even seen bass packing heat.


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