Cobra Eel (2014)

Like Flint, the Danger on the Docks set contained a variant version of the Cobra Eel. Where the Flint resembled the vintage figure, the Eel was the opposite. It’s not based on the 1985 toy’s color scheme. That’s at least one positive for those who couldn’t pick up the Comicon version. 

Funny enough, I think this variant’s paint scheme holds together much better than the vintage-inspired version available in the mass retail pack. It’s blasphemous, I know, but I think this one looks better. The darker color scheme lends the Eel a more dangerous and battle-ready appearance.

The removable gear feature further enhances the badass quality of this modern take on the Eel. I always found it a bit goody that the troopers were running around in dive gear, armed with only a harpoon weapon. At least now an Eel can appear to function more effectively on land. And they look cool doing it. 


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    It’s an improvement for the looks of the Eel, but it’s missing a robotic shark. The red, black, and silver is the color scheme I think they should’ve used on the original Undertow.

  • Sorry but this figure sucks. The legs were just awful

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