13 Days of Halloween: Alien Warrior Drone

I know what you’re thinking: what in the Sam Hill does an Alien action figure have to do with GI Joe? Well, look at the construction of the figure under the external xenomorph detail and you’ll find the GI Joe Hall of Fame buck lurking beneath.

Hasbro used their new twelve inch body developed in the 90s throughout the decade on a variety of properties, from Action Man to Star Wars to the Universal Monsters. Over the course of a few years, improvements in articulation, first seen on the Action Man line, made their way to domestic product.

The Alien is appropriately detailed, and the fact that this iconic monster was available in the same scale as my Joes made it an instant purchase. I only regret not picking up the K-B Toys exclusive that paired an Alien with a decidedly Hall of Fame-ish Corporal Hicks.

Alien Alien


  • The Alien franchise went through a pretty high peak in popularity in the early 90’s. Apart from numerous toys and games a cartoon series [Operation Aliens] was commissioned but never saw the light of day. I guess it would have been like Robocop: Alpha command. In order to make it safe for kids it would have had to have been dumbed down a fair bit.

  • I had no idea this existed! Had I been into 12″ scale, it would’ve been an instant purchase.

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