Vypra (1998)

Vypra was released as a driver figure in the second Toys R Us exclusive series in 1998. She was included along with a recolored version of the classic Cobra Stinger jeep, renamed as the Rattler. An odd choice of mold as drivers go, since she appears to be dressed as a ninja. Her file card notes her primary specialty as intelligence, with a secondary in martial arts, which explains the ninja PJ’s.

Basic black is the theme here, along with some grey and blue oversprays. Interestingly, this same pattern adorns her vehicle. She’s outfitted with the same weapons included with Jinx, the figure upon which she is based. The exclusive series left something to be desired in the quality control department. The plastic appears to be a lower quality than that of the vintage line, and many figures molded in skin tone had a waxy appearance. Variations in paint deco is also common among them, particularly with figures who had a painted camo pattern or overspray, like Vypra. I have two examples of this figure, and the oversrprayed colors on one of them is much more subtle.

The Toys R Us series of 1997 and 1998 were disappointing to a lot of collectors, since Hasbro’s original plan to re-release a lot of classic molds was changed due to the unavailability of some of the most iconic figures. Last minute substitutions were made, resulting in a line that felt rushed and overall sub-par. Was substitution of molds the case with including a female ninja instead of the classic Stinger driver?


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