Cobra Rattler 4-WD (1998)

What was going on with the Toys R Us 1997-1998 vehicle names? First the classic Cobra Rattler mold was given to the Joes and renamed the A-10 Thunderbolt, then the Stinger was renamed the Rattler. Wait, I guess I just answered my own question there. It does feel odd to call anything but the old Cobra jet by the name Rattler. By any name, this is one of the cooler repaints of the versatile VAMP/Stinger mold.

Cobra Rattler 4-WD (1998)

I’m racking my brain about this, as I’m not completely certain, but I can’t recall another driver whose uniform has been painted to match its vehicle. Both Vypra and the Rattler exhibit the same type of spray pattern camouflage, and I think that’s a pretty unique thing. It really ties the two together in a way that is different from most other drivers and their rides. I’ve always been intrigued by the Vypra figure and its file card characterization, and she strike me as the kind of Cobra operative that might be very attached to her ride. Growing up in the South, I have to wonder if she ever ran afoul of Yank Justice and his Muscle Machines crew. Now there’s a Sunbow crossover I’d like to see–GI Joe meets Bigfoot.

I have two examples of Vypra, and there is significant variation to the camo paint spray. I only have one Rattler, and have wondered if the vehicles exhibit the pattern and color differences?

Cobra Rattler 4-WD (1998)

Cobra Rattler 4-WD (1998)


  • The naming conventions of the time certainly rattled fans’ brains, didn’t they?

  • I can’t get around calling it the “Rattler”, but it’s an awesome Night Watch Stinger. Those black doors & roof are pretty cool to swap on other jeeps, too. It’s a cool repaint, but a little overvalued I think.

  • These things were huge pegwarmers in ’98 and ’99. They hung around for a long, long time. This is a decent, but unspectacular repaint. I think that played into the collector malaise at the time towards it. The true tragedy of this, though, is this was the last time the Stinger appeared. During the army building crazed ’00’s, Hasbro never had the foresight to release it in Crimson or Cobra blue. But, hey, that Hiss IV was really cool, right?!?

  • I wouldnt have cared wheather or not if its colours made sense or not. Back in ’98 i would have welcomed any new products in my area.

  • If I remember, is this the last “V.A.M.P.” vehicle reuse that has the steel axles? I don’t have these anymore, but I think all the subsequent reuses of this vehicle have had the plastic tube axle. This stood out to me since my older mail-in Stinger would squeak on the roll like no tomorrow, but this new “Rattler” I had at the time was smooth and quiet.

    As far as the naming goes, as well as the appearance of “Vypra,” wasn’t this due to the influence of a certain fan club? I’m sure there was some legal for naming and what not, but I thought I have read the return to TRU of G.I.Joe was pushed by the group?

    Either way, I really like this colorizing, and after looking at pictures of the one I had (Mine is long gone…) it looks like the same pattern as what you have posted here.

    I would have liked a series of collector vehicles with this pattern.

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