Vypra (2004)

No, it’s not the same Vypra who drove a repainted Stinger in 1998, but this figure does use the same mold. What a difference a change in paint apps can make. Though the Jinx mold isn’t one of my favorites, the decoration on this figure provides a lot of new interest. The detailed patterning is amazing. I hadn’t noticed it until I took a macro shot, but the painted clasps on the jacket are actually outlined with a tiny black line. Impressive. That sort of attention to paint detail usually wasn’t seen in the 2000s outside of convention exclusive items. The Jinx mold is also dressed up a bit thanks to an extra skirt piece, borrowed from the same era’s Storm Shadow.

The fit of parts on many of the 2000s releases of 80s and 90s molds was problematic. Sometimes it was purely aesthetic, as some figures’ original arms or legs weren’t available, and substitutions were made. Other times, the entirety of the original mold was used, but things just didn’t seem to fit as well as they used to. Here, Vypra’s legs and waist just don’t want to play nice together. Her torso refuses to stay at a right angle. It’s like she wants to bend down all the time. Not good for a ninja. Maybe the problem is just that the o-ring is too tight. Poseability problems aside, the figure’s elaborate, almost ceremonial look comes together quite nicely.

The two Vypra figures included in the Ninja Cobra Strike Team, both sisters of the Arashikage swordsmith Onihashi, serve as protectors of the secret forge from which the clan derives its famous weaponry. Not only did the set introduce new characters, but it also tried to add a bit to the Joe toy mythos. Both are elements that I miss from the days of the Toys R Us exclusive multi-packs.



  • I bet if you removed the Cobra symbol, this would make a pretty neat version of Jinx herself.

    I’m surprised that on the weapons end, they didn’t tap into some of the other obscure molds from Ninja force, liked the spiked dual-blade knives or the twin dueling prongs.

  • Nice figure! Might have to track this set down.

  • This figure cost us classic storm shadow accessories. I’d take three sets of those over 2 vypras any day!

  • such great detail. I want to troop build them

  • Best use of the Jinx mold yet, aside from the o-ring issues. The jacket alone is a thing of beauty! Those outlined clasps are what Hasbro is all about.

    The added backstory is also appreciated. Now that figures of dead comic-based characters aren’t taboo anymore, I want a Master Onihashi figure. Who’s with me?

  • @Clutch
    I dont even know who that is but i’m with you

  • @Clutch – I agree, we have the Blind Master and the Hard Master, I want the Soft Master!

  • That was an interesting set all around, the Vypra twins infused a little new material for my old imagination. These two made for Cobra Commanders personal guards/ assassins in replacement of the “good” Storm Shadows switch here. This arrangement didn’t last, though.

  • Awesome decoration on the vest!

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