The Power of Packaging: Action Force Roboskull

I am intrigued by the Action Force packaging for a couple of reasons. The bold and angular style of the box layout is an interesting counterpoint to the American GI Joe series of the 1980s. For UK exclusive items like the Roboskull, we unfortunately have nothing with which to compare it. The packages also remind me of Kenner’s Star Wars line, with its product photos on the box rather than paintings of the toys.

The vehicle same in two flavors: Red Shadows and Cobra. The two weren’t much different aside from stickers and the included driver figure. Recognize the o-ring guy?

If you want more in-depth photos and information about the fantastic world of Action Force, I highly recommend checking out the Palitoy Collectors Guide currently going on Kickstarter. Check it out here.

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  • Perhaps the most bat-sh*t craziest toy ever–amazing and creative. Half TIE Fighter, half Castle Grayskull. Red Wolf is also cool, a good pilot for an amazing ship. Love it.

  • This is amazing! I’m totally enthralled with the Action Force now. Thankx for posting Rob.

  • I would own this were it not for Cotswold Collectibles not having it in stock back in the 90’s, they had them in their newlist/catalog mailer, but NOOOO….not in stock. Reminds me, they just moved up on my revenge list.

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