M*A*S*H Figures

By Past Nastification Do you remember being a kid and playing with your toys? If your playtime created storylines akin to movies, the Joes and Cobras were the stars. Thankfully, there were ample “supporting players” to round out the cast. Sgt. Rock/The Bad Guys, Adventure People, Tonka Play People, A-Team/The Bad Guys*, and CHIPs. And even a handful of human

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Son of Dracula (1998)

It’s not often that I get to scratch my monster kid itch on this blog. Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a little horror into the mix of GI Joe, so yay! I only wish I could do this more often. Son of Dracula was offered along with other Universal Monsters back in the late 90s. While Frankenstein’s Monster,

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Demon Ranger Cardback

From the land of the the cheapest and craziest of 80s Joe knock-offs comes Demon Ranger! My absolute favorite enemy-centered toyline ever, and a much more inventive series name than Remco’s The Bad Guys. However, the individual character names are where things fall apart. Instead of colorful code names, simply add a plain first name and rank. Voila! My favorite

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