Demon Ranger Cardback

From the land of the the cheapest and craziest of 80s Joe knock-offs comes Demon Ranger! My absolute favorite enemy-centered toyline ever, and a much more inventive series name than Remco’s The Bad Guys. However, the individual character names are where things fall apart. Instead of colorful code names, simply add a plain first name and rank. Voila! My favorite has to be Air Force Fred.


  • “General Len” Don’t call him Lenny. I remember these figures were so generic they could be anything and named anything because it didn’t matter.

    And for the Demon Rangers, “The Masher”, either this guy is charge of making mashed potatoes or he is “a man who habitually makes aggressive, unwelcome sexual advances to women.”

    Series 2 existed:
    The Thug
    The Offender
    The Molester
    Bad Egg
    The Creep
    The Troll

    Might as well make Commando Ranger Series 2:
    Corporal Carl
    Officer Ozzie
    Navy Ned
    Commander Dandy
    Ranger Randy
    Scuba Steve (who will just look like a regular generic army guy)
    Tanker Ted
    Grenade Greg
    Shovel Sherman
    Rifle Rick
    Bayonet Bart
    Admiral Archie

  • SpiritoftheBeachhead

    Where is….Bazooka Joe?

    Why not “The” Mad Dog? – he must be the leader 🙂

    This does make you appreciate Hasbro all the more…they went above what they ever had to do to sell toys for a buck. Thanks for these gems!

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