Fist of Curry! (Kung Fu Takeout!)

It’s not a secret that I’m a big-time mark for Lanard Toys. Obviously, their GI Joe me-too series The CORPS! is right up my alley, but I’m also interested in their more esoteric output. So if you’re only into Joes, feel free to come back tomorrow. However I recommend you stay if you appreciate interesting toy concepts.

Witness Kung Fu Takeout! It’s a brilliant repackaging and repurposing of figures we first spotted a few years ago. The initial version of these 6 inch figures were sold as Dragon Do, and saw limited release at WalMart. This new offering to mummy knowledge has not been available in the US, and that’s a real shame. I have never seen an action figure marketed and packaged in such a unique way. This was definitely my favorite find from this year’s Lanard warehouse sale.

Lanard has really come a long way in terms of packaging art and design. Just a few years ago, their product had a cheap feel, but the latest versions of the CORPS! and their licensed product have really upped the ante in terms of quality.

Not content with the Chinese food motif in the packaging itself, Lanard has named its characters after food. My favorite is Pad Thaiger, a nicely obscure choice compared to Chop Suey. The only question I have is, isn’t whole enterprise walking the line of insensitivity? I’m torn, but I can see how someone could see at that way. Maybe that’s the reason we haven’t see it here in the States.


  • Im sure theres someone offended somewhere by this LMAO OMG the story reads even funnier in Spanish.

    I think its good to deviate just a little bit every now and then from the JOE stuff just to keep your own interest in this long time project fresh.

  • I love weird toys and Lanard in general. I have these, I want all of the roller warriors from the 90s, and I want the blade warriors set. I’d love to hear your recommendations for other weird larnard lines or other lines from other companies.

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