Storm Shadow Unofficial Minifigure

Continuing coverage of the recent (and unexpected) releases of Chinese knockoff GI Joe minifigures, we’ve got everyone’s favorite Cobra ninja. I’m still amazed that these things exist, and wonder just why manufacturers of popular super hero and pop culture properties would suddenly seize upon GI Joe. Not complaining; just surprised.

As these minifigures go, this one has an issue that the others in the series don’t. The torso print is squashed horizontally. As a result, Stormy looks a little thin in the chest. That’s a real bummer, as the plastic and print quality is quite good otherwise, especially considering the often iffy fit and finish of many not-Lego figures.

Design-wise, the print seems to take its cues from the 2000s iteration of Storm Shadow, since the iconic black sash and belt are missing, and the mask features a Cobra sigil and stitching lines. Accessories include the common Ninjago-esque katanas, backpack and sais.

Overall, this is a simple yet effective take on Storm Shadow. The strange print issue keeps it from being perfect, but I can’t really complain too much about a minifigure that a) I didn’t expect to see and b) cost less than a dollar US.

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