Serpentor Unofficial Minifigure

The hits keep on coming with the recent spate of unofficial GI Joe-based minifigures. I’ve been smitten with the entire assortment, and am hopeful we’ll see more. Who knows with the wild world of knock-off minifigures?

Serpy is a challenging character to produce in minifig form, considering his unique helmet, cowl and costume design. The Kreon version adopted a helmet that bore a closer resemblance to the Devil’s Due redesign than the 80s original. This one presents a Ninjago snake skull helmet mold that approximates the latter. The downside is the part isn’t molded in gold or dark green.

The Kre-O Serpentor copied the overall colors and details more accurately. It all comes down to personal preference, and whether you prefer the Lego minifigure construction over the Hasbro/Oxford style. I prefer the more cartoonish design of this figure, as well as the gold colored plastic. He’s just so gosh-darn cute. Even his shoulder snakes are a little bit smiley.


  • I like the details on this figure, but that grey helmet is a bit of a downer. Time to break out the gold Sharpie!

  • I wonder if his DNA contains that of Lego’s greatest villains? Red beard the Pirate…and uh…I’m not up on LEGO history, but there were a lot of villains, right?

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