Night Creeper (2005)

SONY DSCThe Valor vs. Venom years saw some of the most prolific release in volume of GI Joe figures. I bought every single one of them, even the special discount store offerings. Why? I suppose I was making up for lost time as a collector. Having been buying Joes again first-hand for just a few years as an adult at the time of the Real American Hero series’ end, I felt like I needed to be all-in and savor the moments. I’m glad I did, as I wouldn’t have nearly the breadth to my collection to use as subjects for this blog.

This purple and gold repaint is perhaps one of the most beautiful of the repaint figures that made appearances in dollar store chains around 2005. While I was enamored of the mold’s previous creepy green repaint that was part of a regular two-pack, this regal looking edition struck a chord as well. I stocked up on six of these guys, as they just looked too good to pass up on the pegs. They were also 3 bucks each, so it was a win-win. The figure really shines when posed, and its oddly lanky arms and legs lend themselves to some amazing fighting positions. Ankle and wrist joints also added a new dimension of playability. See? The new sculpt era was good for a few things after all.



  • I got three of these years after they were originally sold–a whole thin of the VvsV single packs popped up at Fred Meyer and TJ Maxx around 2008 or so.

  • At the time the “newsculpt” style came on the scene, I was of the mindset that I was going to stick with only the ’80’s/’90’s style figures that I had been amassing. This is why I didn’t buy into Sgt. Savage or Extreme, and it’s not that I didn’t like them. I thought all the toys, even the non GIJOE were great, it was more an economizing choice. (I couldn’t afford it all 🙁 )

    With that said, and I’ll let you know now I went opposite of you in that I made it a point not to buy many “newsculpt” figures, I still ended up with almost 75 of these styled figures. In some ways, I would like to have the entire “newsculpt” lineup collected. I still don’t feel like they fit seamlessly with my older generation figures, but they’re some rather fun toys.

    This Night Creeper mold is one that was almost army built, unintentionally, here. After a point I realized I had a lot of ninja figures all around, and with the different colors of these Night Creepers, it was like having a sort of ninja collection going on. Not my narrow focused thing these days, these were fun.

    That head is very nice.

  • I found him in a comic store and i like him.

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