Night Creeper (2004 Urban Division)

The Night Creepers sure got a lot of exposure after their initial appearance in the Real American Hero line. The basic trooper figures were followed by a leader character, which itself received a redeco just one year later. Ninja Force featured a redesign for the final years of the original small Joe run. An arctic variant of the trooper showed up during the limited revival of the late 90s. The 2000s second generation o-ring figures got in on the techno-ninja action with a newly designed uniform and several repaints.


The Cobra Strike Team – Urban Division set (that’s a mouthful) went back to the original mold and presented it in a new paint deco. With all older style o-ring figures, the set was a mixed bag in terms of popular molds. I was happy for the troop builders that were included. One doesn’t usually think of ninja figures when planning on putting together a Cobra army, but the set was a nice way to put together a force of martial arts fighters that weren’t based on a Storm Shadow mold. Okay, so there was a Stormy figure in this pack too, but who’s counting?

The Night Creeper shares a camo pattern similar only with pack mate Firefly. It’s odd at first glance to think that these two would match, but it might make sense if you consider the saboteur’s later appearances in the Marvel GI Joe comic along with his cadre of brainwashed red ninjas. Maybe someone in design confused the red ninja with Night Creepers. Then again, the arctic version of this figure from 1998 stated that the arctic Creepers showed loyalty only to Firefly. Interesting…



  • Interesting colour schem. Just last week, i mailed a guy a Crowbar from the 1996 C.O.R.P.S series which had the exact same colour scheme as this guy.

  • Never had this version. I did have version one and two. Only criticism of the accessories was the short handle on his swords. But you need some cobra ninjas for snake eyes to fight. Always thought quick kick budo and jinx should have gotten more time killing cobras. They’re somewhat of a blank slate

  • Quick kick needs more respect.

  • @Anymous
    Indeed he does

  • This repaint kinda saved the Night Creepers for me. Possibly iconic, the bright purple on purple camo of the original never did much for me. These guys can really hide in the shadows.

  • I totally love this figure. A great non-Cobra faction, not an ’80s Storm Shadow like ninja, cool design pattern, nice colors, great play-ability. And accessories are fine, but in these later classic RAH o-ring packs, it was…., well, it was what is was. Mix and match yer own, I say.

    I want more of this figure. Any help? Anyone?

  • These guys are supposed to have holographic technology built into their armor. Plus state of the art night vision, combined with super ninja skills. Kinda makes the crimson guard seem like a thing of the past. These guys sound formidable

  • Nice to have somebody to fight besides red ninjas

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