HISS Driver and HISS Gunner (2015)

Yes, it’s a two-fer tonight. Why? Because I just couldn’t bring myself to cover two incredibly similar figures separately. Some of the decision rests with my feelings on the quality of the figures themselves, and their vehicle. Let’s get to it then, shall we? I promise this won’t hurt–much.

HISS Driver, Gunner and HISS Tank (2015)

First off, which is which? Well, according to the way he figures are packed in the window, the fellow with the thigh-high boots is the driver. This stands to reason, as the original HISS driver sported a similar kind of footwear. The figure with the odd thunder thighs then is the gunner. Does it really matter in the end? Not to me, as I really could give a whit about either of these guys. It’s not due to their specialty, or the fact that I’ve not been the biggest fan of the first version of the HISS Driver (mine occupied the HISS cockpit, and that was it.) My issue with these two figures lies in the execution, and the color. To begin with the color, I just don’t find it appealing for a general Cobra unit like this. I know it’s not meant to be a Crimson Guard unit, but I would have preferred a deeper red. This slightly metal-flake shade that’s an almost orange doesn’t impress me. In the end, what should be striking is simply bland. As it stands, the drivers look like they might be more suited to join the Hazard Vipers.

The parts choice is problematic. While the armored Cobra Commander mold isn’t bad, it’s just so easily recognizable that it doesn’t really work as the basis for a trooper. Couple that with the fact that the attached armor doesn’t fit too well, and you’ve got two forgettable drivers. The biggest items of interest for me are the rifles.


  • You’d think that in time of limited releases Hasbro would have done a better job on the figure choices and colors. These are kind of like the Shock Viper V2 figures from 2002. As an oddball, that figure was ok. But, as an entire unit it just seems to diminish the validity of the molds themselves. But, when you repaint the same items ad infinitum, I guess you have to start coming up with items like this.

  • Thunder thighs? It looks like the driver was in an accident, and had Destro make them two prosthetic legs. This, combined with the safety orange coloration, makes them look to be Cobra’s version of the Crash Test Dummies. “Today class, we’re gonna learn about HISS safety. First, always check the treads BEFORE operating the tank. Also make a mental note of any blind spots…”

  • If they are the cobra crash Dummies; i will name them “Slick” and “Spin” [Kudos to anyone who gets the referance]

  • A revolver? All of the high-tech weaponry and they get a freaking revolver? Ugh…how about a Glock 18 with a 33 round magazine?

  • I really think minimal effort went into these guys. I wasn’t sold on this figure design when they first released it, and instead of trying something different, they just recolored it and used that odd-fitting pilot Destro chest armor. The “Gunner” gets +1 for creativity in purpose and parts use (at least it’s something different), but it’s not enough to get me interested in either of these guys. I wonder if they’d just used the entire Night Viper mold with a (Crimson/Elite) Horseman head? Would anyone complain they didn’t get an orange HISS driver?

  • @Cyko9
    Maybe Slick and Spin here are fans of Deadwood and or Hell on wheels. and they think packing a revolver makes them gunfighters.

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