Gunners (Outfight Gold)

Released by Chinese minifigure maker Dargo, the series with the supremely odd title Outfight Gold offers military styled figures in an all-gold color scheme. When I first saw a picture of the eight figure set, I was reminded of Mego’s Eagle Force, the 1981 die-cast action figure series. One beret wearing figure in particular brought to mind the group’s leader, Captain Eagle. Once the bandolier-laden web gear is placed, the fig also bears a strong resemblance to a gold plated Flint.

The figures are provided with a knock-off version of the Lego battle pod. This little accessory is a nice way to store the minifig and its accessories. Each character includes multiple weapons and web gear, and the pod can function as a display as well.

GI Joe and Transformers collectors familiar with Gold Plastic Syndrome will surely be curious as to whether these minifigures will stand the test of time, or crumble to dust. Time will tell, but I think they most likely won’t succumb to the ravages of GPS. The plastic has a much softer feel than the normal ABS that makes up the usual minifigure. Unfortunately, this also results in the arms and legs being quite loose.

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  • LOL. The leader was awarded the IRON CROSS. Just whose side are the guys on? That one bearded guy also has a German stahlhelm on makes me think maybe these aren’t good guys.

    Also weird when they have two faces and not wearing a helmet that covers the back face.

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