Firefly Unofficial Minifigure

If there’s one GI Joe character I’m interested in seeing within any iteration of the toys, it’s Firefly. His design just seems to translate nicely to whatever format comes along. In fact, my first toe-dip into Kre-O was with a set that included the camo-garbed Cobra saboteur.

The Kre-O Firefly was a nice minifig, but there’s something about the more well-known format when an effective design is placed on it. Credit for the design of course should go where it’s due–to the originator Onlinesailin. The print design takes the essence of the original figure and distills it in a way that hits all the right notes. Add some close-enough accessories and you’ve got a cool figure that can cross over into your brick world and sabotage your City, Super Hero, Ninjago or Friends sets. Nice.

I’m not too sure of the exact provenance of some of these unofficial minifigures. Some are listed as a brand by online sellers, and others have a brand printed on the small Lego-like figure stands included in the packs. Within this often murky universe of product, there are questions as to which brands may be related to one another, and some collectors wonder whether print and plastic quality might be a tell when comparing sets. Being a toy nerd, I’m fascinated with this kind of thing. Since the behind the scenes element is comparatively unknown, I wonder if we’ll ever get answers to these questions.


  • Every time I see a nice looking unofficial minifig like this, I realize how I’d be all over them if Kreo had never come along. I’ll bet these stand up to play better; Kreo arms do tend to pop off easily.

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