Firefly (2015)

Light grey on dark grey: is this an intentional reverse colors 1984 Firefly? Actually, that’s a pretty cool concept. It’s certainly a more useful alternate color scheme for the character than the Joes in the same multi-pack.

Firefly (2015)

By far my favorite figure in the Sneak Attack pack, I’m glad to see this mold version return. I’ve been a little hard on multiple Firefly releases based on the original 1984 mold, but this one just got it right in so many ways back in 2013. The only thing that bugs me a bit on this release is the way that the vintage inspired backpack causes his web gear to ride up a little. Speaking of the backpack, it’s pretty amazing, with a lot of detail and a super cool sheath on the side. Wicked.

The bright red mines make me wonder if he’s not somehow supposed to be associated with the Cobra Basilisk, but it could just be coincidence. As it stands, this could be a nice night ops Firefly.

I’ve also noticed, on this and some upcoming 50th anniversary figure entries, that there are some small red details painted on the rifle. While two-toned weapons have been a fairly recent common addition in the line, I don’t recall seeing something like this before. It’s really a nice little detail, and although not totally necessary, adds interest to the weapon.

Firefly (2015)


  • I skipped this one when I saw him in-store, but I didn’t realize he had a new backpack and that rifle–now I hope I get another chance to buy him.

  • Have you tried equipping this figure, or the previous 3-pack one, with one of the machine pistols from the Captain America movie Crossbones figure? It looks a bit like the V1 version’s gun, and is even a similar color.

  • Too bad there wasn’t a 3-pack with Firefly, Zartan, and Alpine. Instead we have to spend $60 instead of just $20 to get the 3 figures we (I) really want. I miss single carded figures – especially with the retro oil-painting style artwork.

  • Looks like his pants arnt painted properly

  • It’s a solid figure with a decent color scheme. Skymate is right about the lower legs being a noticeably different plastic color, though. Hasbro has had this problem on a few figures lately. And I’d have an Alpine for you, Anonymous, if I ever see that Rock Viper! He’s a decent figure, but a 3-pack of Cobra army builders would’ve been a goldmine.

  • FIrefly appeared like that, more or less, in early appearances, like when he and Cobra commander are in Zartan’s cabin.

  • I like this son of a bitch!

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