Cobra Night Raft (2014)

Wrapping up the SDCC version of the Danger at the Docks set, here’s the Cobra Night Raft. If you’re a vintage 80s Joe fan, you’ll remember this vehicle as famously featuring Firefly on its packaging. I don’t think there’s a more iconic pairing of figure and vehicle from the era. 

Here, the raft is matched up with the Cobra Eel. The two go together well, particularly since both are done up in dark colors. It’s truly a night ops raft, moreso than the blue version included in the more common version of the set. 

The detail in the sculpt is amazing, another testament to the quality of design and build of the original toys. It’s beyond impressive that something designed over three decades ago can still hold up in a package alongside super detailed and articulated new figures. 

The coolest bonus of the set is the weapons crate, an instant arsenal of weapons an accessories that run the gamut from rifles to blades. Amazingly, they will all fit inside the crate. It’s like the old battlefield accessories on steroids. Very cool stuff. 


  • James From Miami

    Beautiful, but does the weapons crate fit in the raft? This is the color that the original 85 Cobra Night Landing should have been done. Makes more sense in black, than even in the classic Cobra blue color. The best things about this set, is that the raft(since it doesn’t have the new smaller pegs molded on to it), the weapons, and the other accessories, can all be used with the classic o-ring figures. Oh, yeah! I love it. Finally, they got something right. Now, the mostly all black 2003 version of Firefly can be posed riding in this all black Cobra Night Raft. And one more thing, let’s not forget that there was an unofficial G.I. Joe Night Force repaint of this raft that was released in 1997 as a Toys R Us exclusive, called the Night Landing S.E.A.L. Raft, included with an unofficial Night Force repaint of Torpedo, which was done very nicely, by the way.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    You can’t go wrong with the Night Landing and that weapons crate adds to the fun.

  • Great re-release. Had this been packaged on its own, I imagine they would’ve sold very well for the weapons crate alone.

  • I prefer the blue one. Which I have. The re-release I mean…my fave weapon is the machine gun that came with the raft. Nice to see the original weapons were also included.

    A shame Firefly wasn’t included as per the original art for it…I imagine he’s either delivering or collecting a cache of weapons. Did the original have a plain mailer box or actual art?

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