Cobra Invasion Trooper (2013)

What a compelling name. It really  conjures up images of Cobra…invading things. I don’t know what exactly he’s invading, but wherever it is, it’s going to be the reddest invasion ever.

I kid about the coloring, but again, Cobra outdoes the GI Joe team in the style department. What we’ve got here is basically the Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper in a crimson hue. I can really get behind a color scheme like this, since it helps bring a little pizazz to a fairly nondescript trooper mold. Even the gas mask and goggles have a funky tint.

The most fun bit of this figure is the working parachute. It’s the same one included with the first series Retaliation Cobra Trooper, and a welcome action accessory. What’s more fun than throwing a toy around? The only issue I have with parachutes and the modern toys is the construction. The parachute itself attaches (quite realistically) via a couple of clips. They seem to hold well enough at first, but have a tendency to slip out. I also worry about today’s kids being woefully disappointed as they toss the trooper in the air, only to lose the teeny goggles, helmet and radio instantly. No snap-on, stay-on here.

GI Joe these days could use more engaging play accessories and (dare I say it) action features. And by that, I mean more than just a missile launcher here and there. Some folks say that kids just aren’t interested in traditional toys these days, with so many high tech options available. Watching my young son play with his latest crop of birthday toys, many of which combine several action features, has me believing that while today’s kids are attracted to screen play, they do still want to interact with toys the old fashioned way.


  • I almost won this, the Firefly and Storm Shadow from that set in a Listia auction, but I got outbid. Shame really, some folks have come up with great Alley-Viper customs using these guys.

  • I hadn’t really thought about it, Acer, but you’re right…that body would be a better base for Alley-Viper figures than what the team did for the Retaliation Alley Viper.

    I like this mold, Shock Trooper is one of the best Cobra troopers from Pursuit of Cobra. I just kind of wish there were a little more different about it than his color scheme. Changing up a few parts would have been nice. I don’t mind the red, but at the same time, I’m not sure it fits with the look of the other Retaliation Cobras out there. I like a little more synergy in my Cobra troops.

  • I remember, back in the 90’s my little brother had an Action man figure that had a parachute feature. It worked by hurling the figure a few feet into the air. He loved it. Problem was, he didnt read the instructions too carefully [I think he got it for his 7th birthday], he toosed it up over a rough surface [a flight of concrete steps], the chute didnt deploy and Action man promptly lost a leg in the process. We did manage to save the figure in the end by nailing the leg back on

    Recently i stumbled across a knockoff joe toy [forces of valor?/Real action heros?] which had a parachute and my 4 year old neice loves it. More kid orientated gimmicks!

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I’m not a fan of the helmet, but the rest of the figure looks nice. I wonder at what point Cobra Commander starts confusing his balaclava troops with Firefly.

  • Another random invented Cobra trooper, this time without even the benefit of a file card to explain its existence. Not a bad looking figure, though.

  • This review reminds me of that saying “daming with faint praise”. These modern Cobras seem to lack the cool individuality of the ARAH Lampreys ,Alley Vipers etc.Does this figure’s elbows even bend a full 90 degrees?

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