Cobra Commander (2015)

Now this is something interesting. There have been red repaints and black repaints of Cobra Commander over the years, but none quite like this one. The closest I can recall is a black and red version from the early 2000s. No, this one stands out to me as pretty unique, thanks to some interesting placement of colors and a set of alternate display parts.

Cobra Commander (2015)

The Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander proved to be a well done modern interpretation of the original figure, and even worked in the hood and battle helmet, appeasing many an 80s Joe fan in one stroke. You’ve probably seen it in reviews whenever the head snake gets a new release: a Cobra Commander figure just isn’t complete without his–fill in the blank–hood/helmet. That’s true, so getting both is great. And getting one in an alternate color scheme along with a stylish cape is a bonus. The way it drapes over one shoulder is quite dramatic. I have to wonder however if a Hasbro designer is putting in a little nod to DC’s Red Hood Joker. Could this have been an alternate heroic version of the Commander?

I’ve enjoyed most of the recolored uniforms over the years, with the black Battle Corps version being a particular favorite. This one in a way mimics that figure, although the helmet is the black element this time around. I suppose having both in red would have made this guy look a little too much like the old Action Force Red Laser. Actually, that’s not a bad idea either.

Accessories are pretty much the usual, beyond the new cape. The hair dryer pistol is always great, but I’m really impressed with the secondary rifle he’s been given. Where did this thing some from? It’s got the design vibe that some of the 2012 Retaliation weapons had. Whatever its origin, the thing looks deadly in old snake face’s hands. Finally, the Commander is equipped with the same two bombs that the blue version included, but this time they’re cast in red and emblazoned with a toxic label. Is this a new version of Compound Z? Maybe it’s even better than before–Compound Z Code Red, now with twice the caffeine!

Cobra Commander (2015) Cobra Commander (2015) Cobra Commander (2015)


  • The rifle is from the 2009 ROC Neo-Viper.

  • Monstroso’s henchmen homage?

  • Why red shoes (like pope Ratzinger)!? Why!?

  • Those shoes are too much, but I like the overall color design. Definitely different, and the “Ultimate” sculpt is solid. I’m up for some Code Red Compound Z!

  • “I’m walking in my red shoes and it’s all good.”

    Really, aside from the shoes, the figure is pretty cool and the color combo is visually interesting. But, those shoes….

  • Fear, suprise, INEFFIANCY and nice red shoes

  • Yeah, I wonder if the red shoes were inspired by the now-Pope emeritus. Or maybe it was the other primary color in the outfit and they didn’t want to have black pants with black boots? The 1993 Cobra Commander had all black down there but it did seem to defy the Joe convention of boots usually being a different color than the legs.

    The black & red really seems off with the masked Cobra Commander but seems more suitable to the hooded Cobra Commander. It seems like the main Cobra Commander to really use a red mask in a memorable way was the oft-overlooked 1991 Cobra Commander though but it seems like since then, the bucket head and slightly transparent mask never had the same traction as the iconic blank mask or hood.

  • It’s funny, but an odd release. Why no Zombie Cobra Commander? They’ve never made those concept case Zombies, not even for the con set.

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