Cobra Commander (2013)

Yesterday’s post echoes many of my thoughts on this figure. I can sum up most of my thoughts quickly. This is the Cobra Commander we should have gotten back in the days of the 25th anniversary. Scale, proportion and poseability are all greatly improved from earlier modern styled figures.

For all the attention to detail given this figure, I am a little disappointed that the hair dryer gun doesn’t have the old back storage spot. The only way to store the gun in his back is to stick it in the backpack hole. But I guess any old figure can do that.

It does differ in a few ways from Ultimate Storm Shadow. While that figure built a more accurate 80s figure upon an existing base, this one is mostly new, and gives the Commander the naturalistic physique that had been missing from most of his figures since 1983.

The action accessory is also much more effective in giving the figure a little extra play value while looking good. Maybe this thing will get a repaint as a con exclusive modern version of the old Battle Copters. I would certainly consider picking up an updated Major Altitude.

One of the best aspects of this new version is a hooded head that also manages to look like it belongs on this body. Previous hooded Cobra Commander figures lacked in terms of fit and scale, but I really like this one.

Finally, there’s no attempt at a connection to the movie Commander, and that’s interesting, considering other Hasbro lines based on movie properties. The Marvel movie figures, for example, seem to always work a few comic based figures into the assortments. Sometimes, the packaging even identifies them as such. If the Retaliation movie had been a huge hit, and the action figure line continued, it would have been nice to see a few more comic series or cartoon figures (like the concept case figures seen at JoeCon 2013)  worked into the releases. But that’s just a pipe dream at this point.


  • Heck with Major Altitude, Rob, give the Interrogator some love!

    Yeah, this version of Cobra Commander really started impressing me as more and more photos started coming out. I’ll admit, when the wave was announced that he was one of the three “bubble figures” (along with Ultimate Storm Shadow and Ultimate Snake Eyes). I love nostalgia, but I really do like when the Joe line gets new characters out there. I have plenty of serviceable versions of Cobra Commander (and the other two on the bubble as well), so I wasn’t really sure if I needed this one, but gosh if the impressive attention to detail hasn’t won me over. I’m looking forward to him showing up at my door when my full case gets shipped out soon (I hope…)

  • My favorite figure in quite a while.

  • “This is the Cobra Commander we should have gotten back in the days of the 25th anniversary. Scale, proportion and poseability are all greatly improved from earlier modern styled figures.”

    THIS is (one of the reasons) why we need time travel!

  • Yeah, I kinda agree with the first paragraph. Although, I have to give Hasbro gets a pass for being in their Modern Era infancy when they did the previous versions and, you know, look how far we’ve come in terms of sculpt and overall design.

    Holy smokes, these new Retaliation figures looks like they’re on par or maybe even better than the best POCs and that’s saying a lot.

  • Overall, this is a great looking figure. I really like the appearance of the shiny, metal masked Commander head and the hooded version. I’m glad they included both heads to give you your choice of which look you want. Easily one of the best Cobra Commander figures I’ve seen.

  • No more Cobra commanders, this one is perfect. Great homage and articulation for older fans and play feature for kids.

    I beleive physists [i cant spell without spellcheck, i’m dyslexic] have theories on time travel but the hard part is finding Delorans in working condition.

    Most of the toys i’m nostalgic for are from 1991 and onwards. As i was born in the mid eighties, most of my first Joes were either forgotten characters or neon nightmares. I would like to see Hasbro revist some of those guys [like my namesake] but there are just too many Snake eye’s versions that they will make before they even consider doing that.

  • Pretty much the definitive Cobra Commander, yeah. I’m getting two so I can display both heads and I’m sure that others will do the same. It’s great to finally get a version of old chrome dome with actual chrome. I would have tossed in an extra pair of hands, maybe a closed fist, but the minicopter accessory offers even more value.

    I only wonder where Hasbro goes on from here. The concept case figures we’ve seen are true masterpieces, far too perfect to stay archived away forever. I wouldn’t give up seeing them just yet. Remember, the last time we watched interest in a live action project die down, those tons of clearanced movie stuff were followed up by the Pursuit of Cobra series. As such, I don’t expect Hasbro to leave the brand in marketing limbo for too long.

  • Great figure. My only gripe is with the backpack – I don’t get why they didn’t do a dummy version of the wing so that it would be balanced.

  • Looks awesome. I don’t “collect” Joes, but I will need to get this guy.

  • Great figure. And while I’m not overly impressed with Storm Shadow’s “CLAW”, I love this FANG backpack! It’s great to see Hasbro pulling the stops on accessories with these figures.

  • I agree, no need to make another CC, this one looks perfect.

    Found Ultimate SE at a TRU yesterday, last one on the peg, but the new waves are hitting my region after all!

  • God this figure is PERFECT. Only one question, where can I buy it? Target is barren and TRU has the same old crap 🙁

  • Perfect Cobra Commander, perfect action figure: grazie Hasbro.

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