Cobra BAT (2009 Resolute)

Cobra Battle Android Troopers lend themselves well to variants, as evidenced by official Hasbro repaints as well as factory custom figures. Who doesn’t love the option to collect a veritable rainbow of mechanized death?

The 25th Anniversary BAT figure remains one of my favorites from the era. The original design translated amazingly well to the more detailed and articulated style. With two removable arm attachments, the BAT was a serious upgrade from its vintage counterpart. The Resolute version takes the BAT into fearsome territory with a monochromatic color scheme and red highlights. This is no laughable tin can trooper, but rather a fearsome and capable fighter.

One comment

  • This BAT mold is nearly timeless. When it originally came out in the 25th era, many of the other contemporary figures quickly became somewhat dated in their builds as Hasbro continued to improve with the Pursuit of Cobra and Retaliation lines. The BAT has survived all of them. It works just as well with the modern era figures as well as it did with the 25th figures. As far as design, functionality, and pure awesomeness, the BAT build is easily a top five figure from the 25th and beyond eras of GI Joe.

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