Cobra Viper (2006)

I was stoked when I first found out about the DTC Cobra Viper Pit set. Here was an army builder pack of Vipers that not only gave us something close to the old color scheme, but also looked to have solved the problem of the funky leg molds that plagued the previous re-release versions. Well, sort of. While the thighs

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Unknown Steel Brigade

While looking through the inventory of GI Joe pics I’ve collected over the years, I happened upon this image that I captured from an eBay auction many years ago. If you were collecting Joes during the new sculpt era, you may remember that new releases were fairly regularly previewed via online auctions coming out of China. Some of the figures

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Move Out!

I found this Remco Sgt. Rock ad inside the final issue of Brave and the Bold from 1983. I recall these and Remco’s Warlord being more prevalent than Joe ads, but maybe I just had more DC comics back then. The illustrations look much more impressive than the actual toys were, thanks to the amazing Joe Kubert.

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