Move Out!

I found this Remco Sgt. Rock ad inside the final issue of Brave and the Bold from 1983. I recall these and Remco’s Warlord being more prevalent than Joe ads, but maybe I just had more DC comics back then. The illustrations look much more impressive than the actual toys were, thanks to the amazing Joe Kubert.

Move Out!


  • ”Wasn’t that much into Sgt. Rock. Reminded me too much of World War 2.” ”During this time, I myself, and a lot of kids my age , during the 1980’s , were into G.I. JOE-A Real American Hero-Yo Joe!”

  • I have the amtrack/duk thingy. Its missing its treads and cannon though.

  • As kids, we’d always get Sgt. Rock figures from well meaning relatives who didn’t understand the difference between them and real G.I. Joes. The plastic machine gun next was a real thorn as we probably got about 5 of them one year.

    I’m not too up on the vehicles and a quick Google search didn’t turn up many photos of the actual vehicle toys. The amphibious assault looks somewhat interesting. If anyone knows of a good photo reference site with photos of the vehicle line, please post it!

  • That’s quite the comic ad!

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