1988 Sears Wishbook

I was out of GI Joe collecting by1988, and wasn’t paying attention to catalogs any longer. Too bad, since there were some great toys, and still a decent spread in the Wishbook.

1988 Sears Wishbook Joes


  • ”Nice catalog spread indeed. The G.I.Joe X-19 Stealth Fighter with Driver, Ghost Rider, reminds me of the F-117 Nighthawk, when it was first revealed to the public, back in 1988.”

  • Soooo much better than the clown-shoes offerings of 1987.

  • Really nice spread. rolling thunder is an all time favorite and the Cobra Bugg was way underrated. Funny I had the US Force version of the exact same Remco figures except mine was in a seven pack, all these plus the black ninja Martial Master.

    • Remco was good for that (rebranding their military line for specific retailers). Kmart was the home for American Defense, Sears had Commando Force, I think JC Penny might have had Freedom Force, and a few figures would return in desert camo under generic Desert Storm and Desert Shield brands.

  • I remember this ad very well. I would’ve had so much fun with the Cobra Bugg. Even the Commando Force playsets look fun. Very similar to the Joe battlefield accessories sets.

  • I’m happy to see the IGs have a larger offering than the standard Cobras and are the only sub team represented.

    I assume the 7packs came in white mailer boxes, but I wonder if they had art on the boxes and if the figures came attached to the file cards in bubbles or bagged.

    • I’ve never seen any ’88’s bagged with full gear and filecards. So, maybe they were the fully carded figures? I don’t recall any red backed filecards for those figures, either. So, seeing them here opens the question of how they were shipped out.

  • The big vehicle shot is a little sparse, but they did some nice work on the set with the trees and mountains. I don’t remember marketing for GIJoe in ’88 at all.

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