Video Review: Venomization Chamber (2005)

Because no one demanded it! Here’s another video review. Some of these toys just can’t be done justice with pics and text–especially the ones with groovy lights and sounds. Not that my camerawork or rambling does it justice, but hey, I’m new at this video thing. Also, be sure to take some Dramamine before watching. Shaky cam ahead!


  • Hmmm…I never actually knew the hapless test subject was removable. I’d always thought it was a little odd that they made such a big deal about who Venomous Maximus before but the guy in the chamber didn’t really look like him. (HINT: It’s an important Joe…like Rob, I’ll avoid any real spoilerization) While I passed on it back in the day, I’m sure had I been in grade school instead of college when that came out, I’m sure I would’ve been all over the Venomization Chamber. It’s a nice little piece that really would look pretty good in any Cobra lab setting.

  • It certainly is good value for money
    I thought about doing Joe video reviews but most of my peices are missing all their gear [except D.E.F Muskrat] so i’ll leave the video reviews to formbx257 and Timmer

  • I bought this at a flea market around the spring of 09 and have loved it ever since. It’s great as a part of a diarama, but the Venomous Maximus figure sucks.

  • The staff originally came with the Valor Vs. Venom Cobra Commander, in gold. It’s the staff that allows him to exert control over Maximus and other V-Troops in the bad animated movie.

  • That was a fun review, I’m all for more of ’em. I got the Venomization Chamber a couple of years back after I spotted it at a nice price on the Bay. Just in case it becomes harder to find later on. Mine doesn’t turn all the way though, so the whole transformation action isn’t as impressive.

    The flat guy/hapless victim reminds me of the vintage Han in Carbonite Chamber that came with the original Slave I and its various reissues. It’s a neat toy overall, much like the Swamp Thing Transducer Playset from the 90’s. Anyone else remember that? These kind of toys are always cool no matter what line they end up in.

  • A nice set. Few of them’d be good for a laboratory diorama with Mindbender, Doctor Venom, Scalpel, Hotwire…

  • Every Cobra lab needs a DNA-mutation-test chamber, and this one looks interestingly like Cobra Commander’s helmet. The effects are pretty neat for the time; if you pull the lever really fast, does it help sell the illusion (like the Star Wars Episode I droid tank, with spring-loaded droid damage feature?). Also, what are the clear things on the left supposed to be? I thought they’d light up.

  • You should put some frogs in them clear tanks.

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