Toxo Trooper (Black Major)

I’ve probably said this way too many times during the life of the blog, but I don’t really care if I repeat myself–I loves me some color in my toys. They are toys after all, and if they have that magic combination of sculpt, playability and color to catch my eye, that’s a plus. If the color alone catches my eye and drags it 20 yards down the street, so much the better. That’s what happened when I first caught sight of this figure.

Black Major’s new Toxo Trooper pushes all of my buttons. First off, there’s the 1983 Cobra Trooper mold. Need I say more? Next are the colors–bright green and hot pink. Wow. Now I know this figure might be a blasphemous for some early 80s Joe purists, but I find the juxtaposition of 90s hues on an essential early Real American Hero figure interesting.

Even though Cobra diversified its troops into specific specialties after a few years, I imagine the regular troops were still needed to back up the newer types. Why wouldn’t Cobra outfit its most basic cadre of operatives to support the leaky suit Brigade? Maybe these guys simply pull Guard duty at the Toxo-Lab, or muck out the Septic Tank’s sludge shooter.

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11 Responses

  1. Jester says:

    I don’t think that’s hot pink…

  2. Dreadnok: Spirit says:

    The pink does bring out the detail on the backpack.

  3. Kyriakos says:

    Is it available to purchase?

  4. Dak the Knomadd says:

    That backpack looks to be a harbinger of a potential future crossover with Bazooka & Joe… a Bazooka Joe, if you will.

  5. dylanio21 says:

    Yeah this is really cool.
    Too bad there’s no Black Major convention setups, or Red Laser.

    Need much more Joe.

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