The Power of Packaging: Atomic Man Secret Mountain Outpost

Every good action figure line needs an HQ of sorts. Whether it’s a full-on base of operations a la the 1970s and 1980s GI Joe Headquarters, or smaller themed playsets, your action figures need a place to chill. Within the world of GI Joe, that means prepping for all sorts missions and/or challenges to come. To put it in more plain terms–your dolls need a dollhouse. Consider this–when it comes to a place for figures to congregate, you’re entering into the same play pattern as the traditional doll house. I won’t lie–as a kid, I would have been embarrassed to think such a thing. As a more progressive thinking adult, I’m fine with it. But I came to talk about amazing toy packaging, not bore you with my philosophy about gender roles.


The Secret Mountain Outpost’s box effectively showcases all the features of the toy, and does so in the rugged, painterly style that’s always been a hallmark of the line. Sure, the set (as the Mike Power concept on the whole) is a knockoff of the Six Million Dollar Man, but I still dig it. Oh, and check out the Land Adventurer acting as Oscar Goldman. 

One comment

  • It’s just a log cabin on the outside, shades of Zartan’s swamp shack!

    Or maybe Mike Power is really Snake-Eyes.

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