The Enemy Prototypes

Here’s another shot of early versions of some first series 80s figures, courtesy of the 1982 Hasbro catalog (thanks again, Flag Points Dave). This time, it’s The Enemy AKA Cobra Officer and Trooper. These guys look to be kitbashed from Mego o-ring figures, from Buck Rogers, the Black Hole, Dukes of Hazzard or CHiPs. Whatever their origins, they’re a couple of funky mock-ups, and bear some similarity to what eventually was released. Oh, and the fellow on the right has a broken thumb. I hate when that happens.

The Enemy Protos


  • I was always fascinated by these two, especially the Trooper with the large pistol across his chest. The helmets are a little more realistically sized, but the final versions turned out super-iconic – smaller helmet and pistol included.

  • Both men also appear to have their eyes shut; possibly on the asumption that if they cant see the Joes then the Joes cant see them

  • I find it interesting that the Trooper appears to be carrying the assault rifle rather than the more specific sniper rifle. I wonder if my impression of the two figures would be different had the accessories been switched.

    The fact that they kit bashed all the web gear and details on the figures shows the talent of the designers Hasbro had on the line back then, too.

  • I like the one on the left!

  • ”Cobra :The Enemy-Watch Your Backs G.I.Joes!”

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