Well, here it is folks, the original Cobra trooper. It’s taken a while. I’ve covered the weird and the wild over the last year and a half, but somehow this guy hadn’t fallen under my gaze till now. Wait a minute, isn’t the code name Cobra? Not according to the file card. Although, the early file cards were odd in that the figure’s specialty was displayed on the tab rather than the code name. Of course, the Cobra Officer also had the same code name. Interesting? Not really. Pointless? Pretty much, but I felt like mentioning it anyway.

The mold made appearances later in a troop builder and comic pack, but never with the entire original arms. That was a little disappointing, because I really like the little details of the spare rounds (I’m assuming they fit the weapon that’s on his right chest strap) and especially the garotte wire on the right bicep. There just haven’t been enough villain toys made with weapons used to strangle their opponents. Maybe the guesomeness of the wire as a weapon is the reason the arms haven’t been reused since. The arms are also interesting in that they don’t appear to have gloves, but rather are one long sleeve with gloves attached. Seems like an expensive kind of uniform for Cobra to manufacture, not to mention weird.

I never had very many Cobra troopers as a kid. My collection of named Cobra characters surpassed the troops within a couple of years. I guess the army building concept escaped me. Ten year old Rob had more interest in playing with his toys than lining them up in formation. Plus, I would have rather used my limited funds to pick up the good guys and bigger baddies. The few basic troopers I had seemed to suffice. I was usually playing with Cobra Commander, Destro, Major Bludd and later Zartan, Firefly and Storm Shadow as my Cobra forces. Even before my fascination with GI Joe, I wasn’t an army builder. As a Star Wars kid, I only had a couple of Stormtroopers. I did amass quite a few of these guys in their later multi-pack and comic pack iterations, and they do look quite impressive en masse.


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