• Cool, but how did you FIND it? šŸ˜‰ In the pre-Internet days, a pocket guide with all the filecards would’ve been awesome! And I think I remember seeing the Zartan character sketches in the Fan Club newsletter, but I’ve never seen that Rattler v. A-10 comparison.

  • Nice review, Rob. Mine doesn’t have the stickers, I wonder where they came from? The Fact and Yearbook is relatively rare and even includes an interview with Larry Hama!

  • I have two small rolls of stickers that match the stickers in your book. I never saw that book before. My sticker rolls were sold separately, this I’m sure of. Did the book have sticker sheets or did the stickers seem to come from an outside source?

  • That is awesome, I have never seen it before.

  • I think the best thing i heard about a book was a joke on an episode of Family guy a few years ago

    “Whats a book”
    “Its like the internet but made of trees”
    And thats what entertained us in the past

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