That’s How I Found It: CORPS! STAR Force Lazer Force Justin Case

Wow, that’s a mouthful! It’s a Lanard edition of THIFI today. I spotted this CORPS! STAR Force Lazer Force Justin Case at–well, watch and find out…


Wanna see more of STAR Force Justin Case? Check him out in another spiffy space outfit right here.


  • I would advise not to open him too. That version of Mr Case is made of gold plastic

  • One of the nicer Corps figures. I have the dark grey version.

  • Nice how his massive sound-attack backpack is easily removable. The QC tag sortof looks like it has a big “X”; maybe he wasn’t the right color for the Lazer Force?

  • As a Joe lover, I’ve always hated the CORPS! figures. I just don’t like the construction, accessories and anything about them. They just seem like really, really cheap knock offs. The fact that many friends and acquaintances have said they had a set of “G.I. Joe’s” to give me that turned out to be nothing but CORPS! has also soured me on them greatly.

    But, I have to admit that if I had kids in the days when these and Joes shared the shelves, I would have probably bought them many, many CORPS! figures. The great amount of gear and eye catching design would have surely made me a fan. When I saw the lower price point, I would have been sold and my kids would have played with the two lines in concert.

    They’re still not for me, though.

  • @Letal
    I remember getting more CORPS figures as a kid as most of my reletives couldnt tell the differance and secondaly they were more affordable. I remember getting the CORPS figure “Junkyard” when i asked for Mutt.

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