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Bio Viper (1993)

Happy Halloween! Some folks may ask on this spooky holiday: are there any monsters in the Real American Hero era of GI Joe? Of course there are, thanks to that most wonderfully ridiculous and toyriffic of decades for Joe, the 90s. These weren’t just monsters either, but Mega Monsters. This was the decade of the extreme, after all. As further

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Monstro-Vipers (1993)

Bet you didn’t know that there was a GI Joe figure with poo flinging action. Okay, it’s really called a gut bomb, and I suppose it’s more along the lines of throwing vomit or a hair-ball, but can you blame me for making the connection? After all, the toy looks somewhat ape-like, and we all know the fondness our primate

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Clutch (1993)


  The Mega Marines were a part of the sub-line mania that swept through GI Joe in the 90’s, a part of Hasbro’s strategy of varied gimmicks intended to stoke kids’ interest in the Real American Hero. Of all the extra features added to the line, Play-Doh armor was my favorite, as it allowed extra playability that didn’t detract from

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Cyber-Viper (1993)

You may think I’m crazy, or that I simply have no taste, when it comes to my appreciation of the more strikingly colored 90’s GI Joes and Cobras. Considering how many of them that I’ve already covered, I should probably pace myself. I wouldn’t want to run out of them too soon, and be forced to write about more 1982

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Blast-Off (1993)

I’m really excited to share this figure with you today. It’s the kind of later Joe figure that makes me smile. The bright primary colors of some of the 90’s figures spark some kind of basic joy for me. Maybe it’s the superhero comic fan in me. Whatever the case, I’m fascinated with the Mega Marines figures. The combination of

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