13 Days of Halloween: Monster Blaster Box Art

Say what you will about the direction the Joe line took in the 90s, the box art continued to impress. The only element I’ve not cared for is the large white outline around the subjects.

The Monster Blaster box art does its job well in terms of giving us a portrait of the vehicle, its cross-sell figures, and features. The only thing missing is an actual monster being blasted. I suppose there’s a Bio or Monstro Viper just off camera.



  • Who are Not Blast-Off and Not Gung-Ho inside the vehicle? Maybe Burn-Off and Semper-Fi, their stunt doubles.

  • Rare was the vehicle without figures that I’d buy in the 1990’s. But, I grabbed this one at a Meijer store in ’95 as Joes were getting scarcer and scarcer. When I opened it, I found a gem inside. This vehicle is one of the best of the line and stands tall with the best of ’80’s vehicles.

    I only ever saw Clutch and Gung Ho Mega Marines at retail. Couldn’t pull the trigger to buy the at the higher price. I left them hanging for weeks. When I finally gave in and went to buy them, they disappeared and I never found them again. So, to me, the box art was full of mysterious figures I never planned on owning. Two years later, Ebay came into prominence and the rest is history.

  • The only Mega Marine I had was Mirage. This does look like a fun vehicle.

  • It’s a great vehicle, especially the TRU exclusive “BAT” repaint from the early 2000s. Though the original is one of very few late line Joe vehicles I didn’t have at some point.

  • I didn’t realize the art was still so good on later vehicles’ boxes!

  • I just wish that when the main cannon was raised, it didn’t expose the Joes inside. “Guys, put your heads between your knees, we’re gonna open fire!”

  • Ugly colors!

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