Storm Shadow (2013)

I find it a little odd that so far there’s not been a truly decent movie accurate version of the top Cobra ninja. After all, the second wave Snake Eyes turned out to be a wonderful figure. The Storm Shadow in that same assortment was, well, less than stellar.

Over the years, GI Joe has had several figures equipped with bows. The vintage version two Storm Shadow had an amazing compound bow that looked cool when held in one hand, but that was the extent of the figure’s ability to hold it. I had always wanted to display a bow wielding figure in a realistic archer pose, and now I can, thanks to this figure. The split fingered hand can actually hold the separate arrow, and the modern arm and wrist articulation allows the figure to pull his arm back in a realistic manner. It works as well here as it did for the incredible Renegades figure.

A little grey color blocking breaks up the monotony of pure white, which left the Rise of Cobra figure a bit boring. The darker face detail is an interesting feature that adds a new bit of contrast not usually seen on a Storm Shadow mask. For those into the homage angle, he’s got a version of the classic 1984 backpack as well.




The movie three packs again come to the rescue, with a fun, well equipped Stormy that is more playable and all-around a much better looking figure than his latest single carded version.


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