Sneak Attack Storm Shadow (2013)

The action figure gods giveth. Case in point: a couple of days ago, I raved about the Snake Eyes figure from this same wave, and how it’s a well detailed and articulated figure with a fun action feature. The action figure gods also taketh away. Case in point: this Storm Shadow.

I swear I’ve seen this figure before. Heck, I think I even wrote about it. Wait, no, they’re different. I do recall wishing that the other figure had been given a hood to complete the vintage version two homage look. This one did. That’s sort of a positive I suppose.

I think the design theory used here was accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. I don’t think I’ve seen old Tommy this weighed down with as much stuff. In addition to the leg binding trench coat, he’s got a vest, backpack with four (count ’em) four swords, a matching chained set of Ginsu knife handles, sub-machine gun, and a zip-line backpack with a “key” that unlocks it. Whew! Actually, most of this stuff is carried over from other Stormy figures, and though the backpack is new, it’s fiddly as all heck, and doesn’t quite work as well as the one included with Ninja Duel Snake Eyes. It has these two little pulleys that spool the string out, and they’re darn near impossible to wind and tuck back into the pack. The line doesn’t easily hook onto anything either, so what you’ve got is an action feature whose action isn’t exactly fun. Bummer.

When you take all the stuff off the figure, it’s not too bad, aside from the bound-up legs. Then again, it’s not really an attractive figure either. Wait, now I know what’s really bothering me about the figure. He’s wearing an Arashikage bathrobe.


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