Storm Shadow (2011 Renegades)

I’ve had an absolute bugger of a time tracking down this Storm Shadow. I’d heard lots of great things about it, and therefore was a bit concerned that it might not live up to expectations when I finally got it in my hands. In fact, it’s been sitting unopened for a week awaiting my review.

Well, guess what? I shouldn’t have worried. This figure has it all–spot-on proportion, solid articulation, great sculpted details and ridiculously intricate accessories. When the Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes was released, it was said that it resembled a scaled-down Sideshow 12 inch figure. With this Storm Shadow, Habro has done it again, only at a higher level.

Not only do we get a secondary head, but also replaceable belt and sash to recreate Renegades or classic Storm Shadow. These simple switches and the plethora of weapons really help create the option of two distinct figures. Speaking of weapons, I don’t know how this figure still qualifies as a 4+ toy. This has to be the most tiny pieces I’ve seen taped inside an action figure package. I’m afraid to take most of the gear out for fear that it will end up in the carpet, never to be seen again.

Finally a ninja head sculpt that doesn’t just look like either a ski mask or tight hoodie. The vintage styled head is an incredible sculpt; just the shape of the mask and hood perfectly creates the mystery and menace of Storm Shadow that I felt way back when I bought issue #21 of the Marvel comic. As another plus, he also looks like he could have stepped right off the screen of an 80’s Cannon Group Ninja film. Totally awesome.

My hope is that this mold is resurrected in some form for the GI Joe Retaliation line. It’s just too good to have only been released once. I would buy more of this mold even if it were repainted in dalmatian spots. There would seem to be a good chance of its reappearance later this year due to the apparent prominence of ninjas in the new GI Joe film.


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