Spider-Man Issue 268 Featuring…Duke?

When the Marvel Comics iteration of the GI Joe comic was going on, a few references to the Marvel Universe made it into the series. But do you remember what appeared to be Joe appearances within the main line Marvel comics?

Although he’s not referred to by name (though he is called Sargeant) Duke’s appearance in this issue of Spider-Man is unmistakable. From the uniform to the hairstyle, this is at least an homage to the Joe team’s field leader. None of the other Joes are here, although there are some generic soldiers and sailors around.

On the vehicle front, an F-14 Tomcat with a very familiar deco is also flying about throughout the issue.

I don’t want to get into a Marvel-616 canon argument, but I do find these little throw-away moments interesting parts of the comics. Even when it’s Scarlett landing on a costumed Hulk actor at a mall opening.


  • You beat me to the punch on this one, Rob. I was reading Web of Spider-Man Volume 1 (where this issue of Amazing is reprinted sans color because it finished the story told in Web #6) and noticed that too. Also references of note were a laser trooper cutting apart the gold, the government agent having the comms officer radio McGuire Air Force Base for air support, and (this one might be a little stretch) but the one fighter pilot that talked a little like I think Wild Bill does (calling the other pilot flying a not-Skystriker “pardner.”)

  • I remember when this came out. One thing I notice now is that the soldiers under “Duke’s” command are all wearing WWII gear in 1985. What reference material was Ron Frenz using?

    • The same one Bruce Timm does in all his cartoons, apparently…

    • James From Miami

      And also, that green helicopter at the top, is from around the early 1960’s, at least. I just don’t know if any of the U.S. armed forces back in the 1980’s were still using those old helicopters, though.

  • I agree that the pilot must be based on Ace; nobody has ever worn a helmet like that! It’s also in-universe to see the “Joes” treated with the same discourtesy by government officials. They were always getting jerked around in those days.

  • We came THIS close to seeing Spider-Man fight Snake-Eyes.

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