Snakebite (2015 CORPS! Elite)

This year’s new batch of CORPS! figures from Lanard have incorporated not only an improved articulation model, but also the brand’s first female characters. We’ve previously covered the villain Puma, a member of The Curse, the series’ new group of antagonists. Man, the line just seems to be bursting with new concepts and molds these days. It’s all a welcome change after several paint scheme refreshes and a few new vehicles in the last several years.

Snakebite (2015 CORPS!)

Snakebite shares a body mold with Puma, but features a different head. Where her counterpart sported a ponytail, this figure has a shock of long hair along with closely cropped sides. The face exhibits a lot of character, something that’s been common among the newer CORPS! figures. The sculpts are more cartoonish than realistic, but the style suits the rough and tumble construction of these toys. I find the color scheme suits a “good guy” faction quite well, and thought we’ve seen it before, I’m again amazed at how many of the more recent figures are able to stow most of their gear. The knife backpack is very unique.

The CORPS! toys continue to be aimed first and foremost at a kid demographic, and I’m a big fan of this look. Sure, the toys aren’t the same as the collector friendly figures that Hasbro produces with modern Joes, but they’re also an incredible value. Here’s hoping that Lanard incorporates the new construction style into more figures. I’m also interested to see where the mythos goes from here on out. In the meantime, you can read more about this character (and others) at the newly refurbished CORPS! website right here.


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