Snake Eyes (2011 Renegades)

So, the GI Joe Renegades animated series. I think I’ll stay well away from pontificating about it. I can say for me the whole enterprise, including  the release of figures based on it, wasn’t of much interest. But hey, the figures are out now, so what are they like? Well, for being based on an animated series, this Snake Eyes is surprisingly versatile.

I say versatile because the sculpting style doesn’t resemble the cartoon, and as such the figure fits in well with other modern figures. The overall style is a realistic sculpt, and the figure only really resembles its on screen counterpart in paint scheme and accessories. Most of the body from what I can tell is made up of his Resolute figure.  The paint scheme is one thing I really like about it. It’s an interesting two-tone paint job that we don’t see often on Snake Eyes.

The accessories and web gear are excellent and continue the Pursuit of Cobra’s inclusion of multiple weapons. All of his gear can store somewhere on the figure, which is always a nice touch.

When I opened the figure to take pics, I wondered what it was that fascinated me so much about it, since I wasn’t too excited about the Renegades figures in general. Now that I’ve had a longer look at it, I think the combination of paint job and accessories along with the form fitting shirt/loose pants style gives it a Sigma 6 Snake Eyes vibe, which, intentional or not, I really like.

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3 Responses

  1. Jason73 says:

    I’m going to pass on this one.

  2. This guys name reminds me of an old saying “Yo momma has snake eyes and yo daddy rolls dice with ’em” What does that mean anyway? Seriously thought, I think this guy looks pretty cool.

  3. Jogunwarrior says:

    I like the two tone look on snake eyes. It looks like he borrowed his sub machine gun from Wesley Snipes’ Blade.

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