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G.I. Jane Revisited

Female figures don’t sell. It’s a marketing mantra all too familiar to action figure collectors. We don’t like to believe it, but it really is true. As much as we communicate via forums, Twitter and the like, sometimes we mistake the loudness of our online voices for greatness in number. The fact is, those of us who are online are not the

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Snow Job (1983)

For a lot of adult Joe collectors, the environment specific characters often get some grief because of their perceived “limited” uses. Torpedo, Dusty, and Snow Job are useful in their specific roles, but outside of them are relegated to the sidelines. Torpedo looks a little ridiculous running through the jungle in a wet suit, and Dusty is out of place

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Drop Zone (1990)

The Sky Patrol figures’ packaging touted the “Working Silver Parachute” as a big selling point. Don’t get me wrong, attaching parachutes to toys and throwing them up in the air is fun as all get out. But for me, Sky Patrol is memorable for the figures themselves. Creative repaints, new  interesting weapons and cool helmets come together to create what

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Bullhorn (1990)

The 90’s began impressively for GI Joe with a lot of new characters and a plethora of accessories for many of the figures. Bullhorn is no exception. Just the mask and sniper rifle would have been good enough. But we got an actual bullhorn and a modular rifle, a first for the Joe line. Cool accessories all around. The character

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Dogfight (1989)

One of the things I’ve always loved about the GI Joe line has been its ability to incorporate military designs and styles from different recent eras and somehow make them work. Dogfight’s look is influenced by a bygone era or fighter jocks in the mid 20th century. He doesn’t so much resemble a straight World War II pilot as he

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