Snake Eyes (2003 Rhino DVD)

What kind of strange forgotten items do you come across when you’re a Joe completist randomly rummaging through storage bins? How about a repainted Snake Eyes from a Rhino DVD set.  This 1983 Snake Eyes remold (with 1986 Roadblock’s waist) was released umpteen times. Did I really need another–this time in blue with brown pouches? Probably not. But it is quite different from all the others.

Yeah, I confess that this may have been one of my most pointless buys. The saving grace of picking this up was the included DVD, which included both the MASS Device and Revenge of Cobra mini-series.

The accessories at least are interesting, if not Sunbow Snake Eyes related. Of particular note is the odd Timber, this time made using the mold of Sandstorm, 1991 Dusty’s coyote companion.


  • That doesn’t work for me at all. I love the original Snake-Eyes, but the ’82/’83 crotch piece is far sturdier. The blue suit and brown/orange accents are not worthy of the character. And that’s a coyote, not a wolf! I’m sure that most wildlife experts would agree in thumbing down this version.

    • That crotch piece sucks, and it happened because of last minute mold swaps by the factory in 1997, but that’s is NO excuse for the 2000’s Joe product team to keep running with it.

      I like the colors, though.

  • I love this figure. I own 2 in the DVD case and one loose! It is one of my favorites!

  • Snake Eyes is one of those figures I’m so over. His constant over exposure in the Joe Mythos has beome tiresome. Not only does this figure look terrible with lame accessories, but it brings absoultely nothing new to the character.

  • I don’t know what it is about this figure that draws me to it. I’ve used him as a Cobra infiltrator, and my 5 yr old agreed that the blue was Cobra enough to pass. 🙂 What’s weird about this figure is that it’s either dirt cheap or WAY overpriced.

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