Shipwreck (2010)

First there was sailor Shipwreck, then diver Shipwreck, then deck hand Shipwreck. With this Toys R Us exclusive “movie” figure came Deadliest Catch Shipwreck.  I don’t know whether he’s on a mission, or just on leave fishing for Alaskan king crab. He’s decked out in arctic gear, but I just can’t help but see old Shippy on a deck somewhere. His weapons give him a sort of throwback feel, with the bolt-action rifle and spear. This could be a base for a cool Adventure Team custom.

I’m not normally excited about figures with painted-on weathering, but this one struck my fancy. I generally prefer a clean look on action figures, and only really like washes when they’re subtle enough to just bring out a bit more detail than flat base colors. I blame the McFarlane Toys era of the 90’s for the advent of overdone washes on action figures. Some of those figures looked like they had been dipped in an inkwell. If I want my Joes to be muddy, I’ll take them out in the backyard. Thankfully, the recent figures that have employed washed or drybrushed detail haven’t been too extreme. I particularly like this Shipwreck’s frosty beard.

Shipwreck’s not a bad figure considering the parts reuse. I find the recent bulky arctic figures to be a nice change of pace from the old ski suits. The new construction allows the designers to get farther away from the thickness of the standard buck’s arms and legs and really achieve a thick, layered look for arctic clothing.


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