Serpentor (2002)

If there’s one Joe character that gives me a Halloween vibe, it’s serpentor. When I say a Halloween vibe, for me it’s more about sitting down and watching the old Universal horror films of the 30’s than costumes and trick or treat.

His very origin is the stuff of horror. Dr. Mindbender operates like HP Lovecraft’s Herbert West at a molecular level, seeking to bring life to inanimate tissue. The cover of Marvel comic issue 49 presents a gruesome scene reminiscent of Frankenstein, with Mindbender and Destro carrying an apparently living mummy (complete with one staring eye) out of a crypt. Though more than a little over the top, the spooky image was planted in my mind. When the Arise, Serpentor, Arise mini-series aired, and the Joes had to battle Cobra in the crypt of Vlad Tepes, the spooky factor increased. Add in Sgt. Slaughter’s battle with a crazed proto-human monstrosity and you’ve got another horror element.

Coming at the end of the Real American Hero Collection, Serpentor was initially to be released in 2001, but was delayed until 2002 and available via specialty stores. This is a straight up repaint of the 1986 original, but done up in a darker color scheme. I like this recolor a lot, including the fabulous cape. I suppose this could be a Night Watch Serpentor, but lately I’ve thought he may stand well along with the original Python Patrol figures.



  • Wow! Thanks for posting this. I have never seen this version and it is the best! Goin on Ebay to get one now!!

    • No prob. I enjoy being a tastemaker from time to time. Wish I could get a commision for inspiring sales. 🙂

      • At the prices this guy fetches, that’ll be a nice commission! 😉 I totally understand the original’s regal gold, but I like this repaint, too. Still, an unusual character and figure for the Cobra ranks.

  • It’s actually kind of funny–the coloring for the yellow and green elements of the uniform, plus the color of the knife, and the plastic for the head, are exactly the same as the original 1986 figure. Now THAT’S spooky…

    I actually found the original with 90% of his Air Chariot at my flea market the other day. He lacked the knife, but at least had his snake, cowl, and cape. The Air Chariot just needs new labels and three parts, and it’s all set.

  • Nice choice for the holiday. Happy Halloween, everybody.

  • Great figure and pretty rare. I had 6 at one time but think its just one now.

  • “Serpentor soirée de gala”!

  • I Like Serpentor and his background. He brought a well-needed contrast as what a Cobra-leader ought to be. I never liked Cobra Commander in the cartoons, he was a wuss. Serpentor had more depth as a character.

    American flea markets are frigging goldmines!! I wish I could find nice stuff at bargain prices over here as well.

    I´ve been looking for this version since I think it´s cooler than the original release which I also happen to like but I think the prices on E-Bay on GI Joes are ridiculous most of the time.

    Thanks for your Kick-Ass site Rob!!! It´s always a pleasure reading it and it brings back fond memories for me as well as inspires me to keep on collecting!

    I also salute your appreciation for the Joes of the 90´s!

  • Rob Buzan:

    No prob. I enjoy being a tastemaker from time to time. Wish I could get a commision for inspiring sales.

    Your site inspired me to buy that awesome python patrol rock viper!

  • Having never having owned a Serpentor i’m curiose as to whether or not he is made of the notorious gold plastic?

    • Apparently so–though my sample seems to be doing okay, for a 20-something year old figure I bought at a flea market.

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Although I really love the gold detail on the original Serpentor, I’ve gotta say so much black really works on this figure. Overall, this is a great looking figure!

  • How is Serpentor a related post to every single post? What is it about this post that ties them all together as a cohesive whole?

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