Red Spot pinch hits tonight

Red SpotYour intrepid blogger has been under the weather of late, so it’s been a bit of a slog to keep up the pace. For tonight, here’s a quick shout out to an old post. There are more than a few figures from the relaunched o-ring years that piqued my interest and kept a bit of freshness in the brand. Red Spot is an interesting looking character that I think deserves a shot at another action figure treatment. Check it out here.


  • Seems like an easy kitbash for figure subscription or Convention whatever release. So people can pay twice what they’d pay for a character most of them wouldn’t buy at retail. Well, I dunno…seems like the people left collecting are die hards who will buy anything. All the casual types probably gave up when PoC/whatever ended.

  • I want him “Modern era”!

  • Hope you get to feeling better. Red Spot is an interesting character of his vintage and not a bad figure. Less “pop” than ’82 Flash, but certainly more real-world to fit in with the other camo’d Joes.

  • Haven’t got this guy yet. As someone who completely missed the boat on Joes from 2000-2007 (jumped back in with 25th, but im more interested in rebuilding vintage and getting into the “new sculpt” o ring stuff now) i have found an appreciation for guys like this who werent a part of the ARAH era i collected in the 80s/90s. I applaud your site and its ability to uncover hidden gems like this to guys like me who didnt get a chance to buy these at retail. The figure itself is an interesting one in my view. I could see him as being mentored by guys like Flash or Sci Fi moreso than just a modern replacement for either tenured Joe. Im sure ill be picking this one up eventually.

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